Good library available for students and staff members only. About more over 6000 different books with different Authors are available. Intra software for students and staff to direct access to the library. 

Library comprises of various quantities of books keeping up with the needs of the students of different Engineering branches of the institute. The Institute took all possible steps and measures to help the student get all the books from the library except for some where there is shortage of supply. The student used the Library regularly for completing their assignments and preparing for the examination.

Library Situated in LRUC Building 1st floor, Separate Hall with table & chair for reading purpose for students and Staff 

Books available – 26008 , Reference books for all branches  available with Different  Authors. Title of Books – 7484, Daily News Paper are also available.

Per student 02 Books are Issued at a time and renewal after two weeks, staff can also get maximum 10 books for semester. 

 Shree N.J.Chaudhari--- Librarian

 Shree J.H.Chaudhari--- Lib. Attendent

 Ku. F.Y. Munsi--- Library Incharge